Hi, we are Sam and Roshni. Travelling is something that both of us are very passionate about and we have been indulging into globetrotting as much as possible while still holding on to our 9 – 5 jobs. It all began in 2014 when we were not terribly unhappy with our lives but also knew that there was something more out there. Our first trip was to Spain where quite a few things went wrong but we discovered that it gave us a thrill, a strange feeling of exploration and we never stopped after that.

We love new adventures, getting off the beaten track and spending time in places rather than doing the standard group tours. We are independent travelers, researching the destinations ourselves without the need of a packaged trip. According to me that’s the most fun bit, whether it is looking up things online or selecting travel guides or asking fellow bloggers. Our main motto is to get out from behind the desk, take more risks and experience the world first hand. Being comfortable while talking to strangers, writing our own story and not making excuses. Not saying ”we will go one day” – just packing up our bags and going.

Update – We were recently blessed with a baby girl ”Riddhi” who has joined us on our travels. Many people have asked us ”Will you still be able to travel with the baby” or have commented ” The baby will now put a stop to your travelling…” etc etc..  But since the time I became pregnant I always knew nothing would affect our travels. To be honest initially I was worried that having a baby would hold me back — from traveling, from doing what I love, but I didn’t let having a baby stop me from traveling.  Neither should you.

Many people don’t travel with kids because it’s troublesome, expensive, and they won’t remember it in future. And the list of excuses goes on… I think it’s bullshit.

Our 1 year old baby has already been on 2 road trips and 2 international flights (one to Jordan and one to India) and it’s clear that she loves it as much as we do. She seems to sleep and eat better, and she smiles and giggles more than usual. Call me crazy, but I think traveling helps kids open up their minds even at a few months of age.

Every time we go on a trip, I actually spend more quality time with our baby. At home I’m usually trying to multi-task and I get distracted by my phone or work, but when traveling, I’m more ‘present’ in the sense that I give ”Riddhi” my full attention and we bond even more while on trips together.

While travelling with a baby is not easy as it was pre-baby, it’s a  lot of fun showing our baby the world. As long as you manage your expectations, plan ahead, and make some adjustments, traveling with baby can lead to wonderful experiences.

Our motto still remains 🙂 “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”


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  1. You guys are super adorable!! :*

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  2. Hello Sam and Roshni,
    Congratulations on just doing it ❤
    Hope to meet you on the road one day.


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  3. roshniray says:

    Thanks Graham, Prunella, Lucas, Reuben and Felix 🙂 definitely hoping to meet you guys on the road someday, till then lets keep in touch through electronic media 🙂


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