Bath – Experiencing the Georgian Architecture

England is scattered with beautiful cities but a very few can be compared to Bath. It is the home to some beautiful Georgian architecture with the World’s best preserved Roman bathhouses. It is best known for its links to the Romans who discovered the hot springs and built a spa around it. But eventually they withdrew when Rome fell. The spa town then prospered under the English Kings, and most of the buildings you see today are from the 18th century — the Georgian era (named for the four Georges who sat as England’s kings from 1714 to 1830).

A beautiful street decorated with umbrellas welcomed us in Bath
Walking in Bath one can see the streets filled with beautiful architecture

When you first start walking around Bath you immediately get the realization that you have left behind modern life. You can feel the grandeur of the Georgian buildings and bridges as you walk around the town. Since our time was limited, we had already made up a checklist of the things we wanted to see in order to get a real feel of city the way it was about two hundred years ago. First on the list was Royal Crescent. This elegant semi arched building suggested wealth and refinement of Bath’s glory days. It is one of the most striking buildings in Bath. It was built between 1767 and 1775 to the design of John Wood the Younger, and forms a semi-ellipse of thirty Grade I listed houses arranged around a great Lawn. Having taken some panoramic shots we moved on to the next historic building on our list.

Royal Crescent

DSC_0553Next on the list was museum at No 1 Royal Crescent which is a Georgian House museum to get a glimpse of the lavish lifestyles during the Georgian era. The building has been carefully restored to become a museum that recreates the interior of a typical Georgian town house of the time. While walking across the city we also came across the Jane Austen House and the Pulteney Bridge one of the most beautiful and romantic bridges in England.

No 1 Royal Crescent entrance (the museum)
Jane Austen Centre
Pulteney Bridge, One of the most beautiful bridges in England
Streets of Bath where old and new exist side by side

Next we walked towards the Bath Abbey to see the gothic architecture and an impressive fan vaulted ceiling. Not fancying climbing 212 steps to get to the top we took pictures from outside and moved towards the Roman Baths.

Bath Abbey


Roman Baths – Bath’s premier attraction. Built in a very grandiose style the Roman baths are a complex of bathhouses built above Bath’s three natural hot springs. Located alongside is a temple dedicated to the healing goddess of Minerva and this building is now one of the best preserved ancient Roman Spas in the world. Alongside the Roman Baths are famous Pump Rooms which were built later on. You can get a taste of real aristocracy here while enjoying your tea and scones.

Entrance to the Roman Baths
Inside the Roman Baths while taking a tour


Although lunch in the Pump Rooms was a good idea but we wanted more of a historic experience and therefore walked towards Sally Lunn Buns. Now the first thing you notice about Sally Lunn’s is a stunning tea house which makes you feel like you have stepped back into time when you step into the hallway and apparently it has got the history of being one of the oldest houses in bath. Unfortunately the service was very slow and buns were much overpriced although the taste of buns more than made up for it. They were warm, light and fluffy, and a half-size portion was just right with the side salad.

One of the many beautiful streets in Bath
Couldn’t help not capturing this quirky picture 🙂 with it’s unusual walking tour theme.

Continuing with the city’s main theme – relaxation, how we could not take a dip into the thermal waters of Thermae Bath Spa -the state of the art spa in the town. Spending the rest of the day here seemed to be the perfect way to end our trip. And in case you forgot to pack your swimsuit you can always take a stroll in one of the many gardens such as the Paradise gardens or the Prior Park landscape gardens.

Stone cobbled streets of Bath
Entrance to the Bath Spa
The Paradise gardens

Combined with the beautiful Georgian architecture, aristocratic charm and hospitality Bath can be the perfect getaway for weekend or even a day trip if you live in South East of UK. There are many hourly trains available from London, Oxford and Reading.

Have you been to Bath? Share your views with us here below…

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  1. natalietanner says:

    I love the umbrellas!!!

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  2. Anna says:

    Really love this article! Thank you for sharing your experience! 🙂 Love this kind of architecture. Photos are amazing!!!

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  3. roshniray says:

    Thank you Anna for your lovely comment 🙂


  4. BonBon says:

    Been to Bath for a day trip and would love to go back and stwy few days😉 you’ve got beautiful pictures ❤❤❤

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    1. roshniray says:

      Thanks BonBon 🙂 a weekend in Bath is definitely worth it…


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